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If you can't tell we focus our entire program on the Iowa State FFA meat goat show.  2021 was no exception as Andrew took another nice set of does and fantastic buck.  The results didn't disappoint.  WGA Juliet followed in her herdmates success and was crowned the Senior Division doe.  To make it more special, Eliza Patchin exhibited the Reserve Senior Doe with her WGA doe.  Third year in a row for WGA genetics to crown the Senior Champion.

Andrew went out with a bang at his last Polk County Fair winning the breeding doe show with WGA Anna Maria.  Anna Maria took on some of the toughest competition in the country and qualifying for the DMACC Beardown.  

The Special Edition State Fair show was definitely special.  With all the chaos in the world, we really appreciated the State Fair and state FFA organization for making the livestock shows happen.  Andrew had another fantastic show winning the Senior Doe title once again with WGA Siesta Key.  Siesta is also the dam of WGA Anna Maria.

We always look forward to the Iowa State Fair FFA show and in 2019 it was the highlight of our show season as it was Andrew's best FFA show to date.  Andrew took 4 breeding does and came home with 3 class winners, a 3rd place in class, and the Champion Senior Division Breeding Doe with WGA Causing a Commotion.  The icing on the cake, Andrew was selected the Breeding Division Showmanship Champion.
WGA Juliet, a WGA Causing a Commotion daughter, also had a great year in the ABGA shows.  Juliet racked up 48 points in 2019.  The big show awards were winning Jr. Champion and then Overall Reserve Champion Full Blood Doe at the Poweshiek County Boernanza, show #1.  She also had a Junior Champion division win at the Wayne County FFA Show.
Although we weren't able to attend a great deal of shows, the ones we did attend showed us how well BMACK High-Roller kids matured.  Both Andrew and Allison in her last Iowa State Fair FFA show had a great State Fair.  Allison had a class winner with WGA Siesta Key.  Andrew won Reserve Grand Champion FFA Buck with WGA High Stakes.  Over the course of the summer, WGA Causing a Commotion was 1st in class twice, 2nd in class, and 5th in a large class at the State Fair ABGA show.  She has 25 points to date.  We look forward to her first kids this winter.  

The highlight for 2017 was our first trip to NAILE.  Andrew exhibited 2 full blood does in the junior wether dam show.  Although we took a December and a March born doe, unfortunately both were in the last class of the day.  The March born, WGA Causing a Commotion, stood 10th and weighed in at 127 lbs.  The December born, WGA Flaunt That Style, stood 8th and weighed in at 146 lbs.  Flaunt was the 3rd largest doe in the barn. 
With schedules getting busier and busier all the time, our summer show schedule continues to take a hit; however in 2016, we did have a lot of fun and great results at the few shows we did get to attend.  The highlight was the 2016 Tall Corn Meat Goat Wether Association show and accompanying JABGA Regional show.  Andrew had a lot of success with our new herd sire, BMACK BMF High-Roller.  
Although we weren't able to show a great deal in 2014, we finished the year off on a high note at the Clay County Fair.  Allison had Reserve Grand Overall Doe.  Andrew did well with does as well and finished not far behind Allison in several classes.  We were very pleased with the consistency throughout our show string in 2014.  We are already looking forward to the 2015 season.
In 2013, the kids won their first open wether shows by taking top honors at both Boernanza wether shows and at the Corydon Spring Fling.  We are proud of our accomplishments in the wether classes with home raised predominantly fullblood wethers.

The highlight of 2012 was the success Allison achieved at the Iowa State Fair FFA Meat Goat show by winning the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Buck, the Grand Champion Breeding Doe, the Senior Division Champion Doe awards.  These honors also earned her North Polk FFA Chapter the Supreme Meat Goat Chapter Award.  As a family we were proud that each of these goats were born and raised at Wylde Green Acres.

2021 Iowa State Fair

WGA Juliet - Senior Champion Doe


Eliza Patchin's Reserve Senior Champion Doe


2020 Iowa State FFA Breeding Meat Goat Show - Special Edition

WGA Juliet
Mother/Daughter WGA Siesta Key and WGA Anna Maria


WGA Juliet


2020 Polk County Fair and DMACC Beardown - WGA Anna Maria

Entering the ring at the DMACC Beardown
2020 Polk County Fair Grand Champion Breeding Doe


Entering the ring at the DMACC Beardown


2019 Iowa State Fair FFA Breeding Meat Goat Show

All in the Family
Champion Showman

Andrew put a lot of time and work into his goats in 2019.  We are very proud to see his work pay off by being selected as the Breeding Show Showmanship Champion.

All in the Family

On the left is WGA Juliet with her dam, WGA Causing a Commotion on the right.  These does trace back to the original genetic lines we purchased from Jim and Judy Fischer and Jerry and Tracy Brown (JBI).  It's been a lot of fun for us a family to breed and raise what we have shown over the years. 


2018 Iowa State Fair FFA Meat Goat Breeding Show

WGA High Stakes


WGA Siesta Key and WGA Sanibel



2017 NAILE

WGA Causing a Commotion


WGA Flaunt That Style


2016 TCMGWA Show and JABGA Regional Show

2016 JABGA Region Grand Champion Buck


2016 TCMGWA ABGA Show #1 and #2 Grand Champion Buck

Andrew had an outstanding first show with our new herd sire, BMACK BMF High-Roller, at the 2016 Tall Corn Meat Goat Wether Association show in Washington, IA.
High-Roller in a very limited show career has earned 41 individual points.  The pics above are from early August just after High-Roller had been in the breeding pasture during July.
Andrew had a very successful JABGA Regional Show overall.  WGA Jack's Sapphire won the JABGA Regional Grand Champion Percentage Doe award.


Boernanza 2015

WGA Maisy
Amarugia Flaunt It

Boer-nanza 2015.  At our first show we had a great time and had a great day showing.  Allison had the ABGA Reserve Junior Champion Doe with Flaunt It.  Flaunt It is a super stylish doe we purchased from Amarugia Boer Goats.
Andrew had a good day as well winning first place in the 0 - 3 month buck class in both the JABGA show and the ABGA show with our home raised buck kid, WGA Real McCoy.  McCoy will be for sale following the Iowa State Fair in August.


WGA Maisy

Andrew with his favorite doe born this spring, WGA Maisy.  Maisy was a little green at the time of the show; however she shows a lot of potential and is a beautifully marked doe with one of the nicest paint patterns we have produced.  We are looking forward to watching her mature.


2014 Clay County Fair

Championship Drive
Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Doe

Allison and Blair finished out the year with a bang taking the Grand Reserve Breeding Doe honors.  Here is Allison and Blair with Judge Jon Malone.

Championship Drive

Andrew also made the Championship Drive with WGA Callie.  Standing only second to Sissy and Blair in the Junior Division.
Andrew had a great Clay County Fair.  He won the Junior Showmanship title!


2014 Polk County Fair

Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Doe: Andrew with JBI Flatout Flirty
Grand Champion Breeding Doe: Allison with WGA Blair


Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Doe: Andrew with JBI Flatout Flirty


2013 Iowa State Fair

2013 Iowa State Fair Grand Champion FFA Breeding Doe


Andrew - 4-H Showmanship Grand Champion and Allison with her Champion Doe trophy

The first highlight of 2013 at the State Fair was Andrew being named Junior Champion Showman in the 4-H show.
Our next highlight occurred when Allison won the FFA Breeding Doe show the second straight year. Wylde Green Acres Waimea, was named the 2013 FFA Grand Champion Breeding Doe.   Waimea is maturing into a tremendous looking doe.  We are excited to get her and her sister, WGA Pearl, back in the show ring next year.  Waimea and Pearl are going to be large, big topped brood does.  We bred back their dam, JJF1 08 X8, to Wylde Green Acres Comet.  Both does earned ABGA show points in 2013 and will earn WGA Comet his ennoblement following inspections.  For more pictures of both does visit the Show Goat page.


2013 Tall Corn Meat Goat Wether Association Shows

WGA Cardigan


Wylde Green Acres Periwinkle

We had another great showing at the Tall Corn show.  Highlights include:
  • WGA Cardigan winning the 3 to 6 month FB doe class both days
  • Wylde Green Acres Periwinkle name Yearling Res. Champion Day 2
  • WGA Best Yet winning Res. Jr. Champion Buck Day 1 and Jr. Champion Buck honors on Day 2


2013 Polk County Fair

Andrew earned both Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Does


Andrew receiving the Grand Champion Ribbon

Allison and Andrew both had another great County Fair.  Both won their respective showmanship classes.  Andrew had an exceptionally good County Fair in both the wether and doe divisions.  It was his first time beating sissy in the show ring!
The Champion doe, JJF1 New Year, had a tremendous 2013 season earning 15 ABGA points.  New Year is sired by Wylde Green Acres Northstar.


Boernanza 2013 Show #1 - Anton Ward, Judge

Allison and Infamy - Grand Champion Wether


Andrew and Surprise - Grand Champion Commercial Doe

Boernanza Day 1 turned out to be a great day showing for Wylde Green Acres.  Allison took Champion Wether with her big wether, Infamy.  Infamy is a son to Comet and Ohara.  Allison also had Res. Yr Doe with Wylde Green Acres Periwinkle.
Andrew took Grand Champion Commerical Doe honors with Surprise.  Surprise is out of WGA Power Surge.


Wylde Green Acres Periwinkle - Yearling Reserve Champion
Wylde Green Acres Periwinkle - Yearling Reserve Champion
    Peri continues to mature into an elegant doe.  At Boer-nanza she won her class both days and during Show 1 was named Yearling Reserve Champion.  Peri is out of our foundation doe, DOT and Wylde Green Acres Comet.

Boer-nanza 2013 Show #2 - Mark Berry, Judge

Grand Champrion and Reserve Champion Mkt. Wethers


Overall Grand Champion Fullblood Buck

Day 2 was another terrific day for Wylde Green Acres.  Allison and Andrew swept the wether classes with Infamy and Abe.  Both wethers are out of Wylde Green Acres Comet.  Comet is proving himself to be a tremendous producer of competitive wethers.
Wylde Green also took honors in the fullblood buck division with Wylde Green Acres, Best Yet.  Best Yet is out of Able Acres' lead buck, As Good As It Gets, and a Kickin' Brass doe, AABG Cosabella.  Best Yet continues to impress me more and more as he matures.  He has a massive hip with deep muscling through the lower portion of his leg.  He is big topped and carries a tight hide....should make a great dual purpose buck.  Look for him later this summer in the show ring.  Check out his twin, Wylde Green Acres Even Better, listed on the For Sale page. 


2013 Corydon Spring Fling

2013 Corydon Spring Fling Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Market Goats


WGA Abe - 1st place wether Class 4 Corydon Spring Fling

We had a great first show of 2013 at the Corydon Spring Fling.  We took 7 goats and brought home 3 Class wins and 4 seconds.  The highlight of the day was Andrew taking home the Grand Champion Market Goat with Attack beating out his "Sissy" who took Reserve honors with Attack's full sib, Infamy.




Wylde Green Acres Asteroid and Wylde Green Acres Jingle

Show Goat Winner Group

2012 Iowa State Fair FFA Grand Champion Buck and Doe. 

Wylde Green Acres Emerald #10535954

Show Goat Winner Group

2012 JABGA Region 2 Gr Champion % Doe
Boernanza Central City IA

SHIP Nokoni

Show Goat Winner Doe

SHIP Nokoni has earned 68 ABGA show points.  In 2010, Allison won her first major show with Nokoni earning Grand Champion Breeding Doe honors at the Iowa State Fair 4-H Show.


Wylde Green Acres

Rob, Molly, Allison and Andrew Vincent
3077 NW 126th Ave
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