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Welcome to Wylde Green Acres. The home of WGA Boers.

Welcome to Wylde Green Acres, the home of WGA Boers.  Our Boer goat farm is located in central Iowa, just outside Polk City. Our family has been raising and showing Boer goats since 2007.   Our ABGA herd letters are WGA. As a family, we have registered Boer goats for sale with the names starting either as Wylde Green Acres or WGA.

We offer Boer goats for sale in Iowa and throughout the Midwest.  We primarily focus on breeding and show goats; however over the years we have been fortunate to sell and show  winning market goats as well.  We look forward to providing goats for sale in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska.

Call us for more information at 515-393-8967.  You can also email us by going to the Contact page on this website.  
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Wylde Green Acres

Rob, Molly, Allison and Andrew Vincent
3077 NW 126th Ave
Polk City, IA 50226


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